Acrylic Lens LED Magnifier (AS-70)


Acrylic Lens LED Magnifier (AS-70)


  • High Quality and Clarity – Crafted with precision, The Lumé Series’ utilizes the highest quality lenses and a large lens diameter of 4.5” to provide unparalleled precision and clarity, allowing you to see the finest details with ease! Say goodbye to eyestrain and hello to a brighter, clearer perspective!
  • Comfortable and Adjustable – This premium magnifier combines quality and comfort. An ergonomic handle and neck strap provide precise magnification with ease while reading fine print, examining small details or enjoying craft hobbies. The neck strap is also adjustable, allowing you to easily customize the position of your magnifier so you can work for longer periods without experiencing discomfort or strain, making your crafting sessions more enjoyable and productive.
  • Advanced Lighting – The Lumé Series’ powerful customizable lighting system features 3 bright COD LED lights with 2 brightness settings. Diffused light is used to evenly illuminate your view with soft light, reducing eye strain and glare.
  • Hands-Free Convenience – Immerse yourself in your craft without the hassle of holding a magnifying glass. The Lumé Series 2x Hands-Free Magnifier’s adjustable neck strap is designed for exceptional comfort during extended crafting sessions. Use the high quality adjustable neck strap to wear the magnifying glass comfortably around your neck, leaving your hands free for intricate work like crafting, sewing, jewelry making, model building or other precision hobbies.



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Unlock a world of clarity and precision with the Lumé Series COB LED Lighted Hands-Free Magnifiers!

In a world filled with details both big and small, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Whether it’s reading a book, soldering, exploring the intricacies of jewelry or indulging in your craft hobbies, the Lumé Series lighted magnifier is here to illuminate your path to a brighter, clearer, and hands-free world.

Whether you’re an avid hobbyist, an enthusiast, or a professional, this handsfree magnifier is your ideal companion. Its hands-free design makes it perfect for a variety of applications. For craft enthusiasts, it’s a must-have for intricate tasks like jewelry making, watch repair, model building, and embroidery, sewing or other needlework, allowing you to work with precision and accuracy. Craftsmen and artists appreciate the convenience of having both hands free to work on their projects, be it painting, sculpture, intricate woodwork, or DIY projects. Additionally, it’s a valuable aid for reading small print in books, maps, and documents, allowing you to immerse yourself in literature or navigate uncharted territories with ease. It’s also a crucial tool for collectors, helping to inspect and evaluate stamps, coins, and other collectibles. By leaving your hands free, you can concentrate on your passion without struggling with holding a magnifier, ultimately enhancing productivity and the quality of your work. Whether you’re into crafts, art, reading, collecting, or DIY projects, a hands-free magnifier is an indispensable tool that enhances precision and enjoyment across a multitude of activities.

Picture this – you’re poring over a captivating novel with fine print, examining the minute details of a precious piece of jewelry, or performing precise needlework to finish your latest sewing project. In all scenarios, clarity and precision are paramount. The Lumé Series offers a remarkable solution, featuring a hands-free lighted magnifier. Thanks to the advanced lighting system, this aspherical acrylic magnifier uses diffused light from 3 bright COB LED lights to increase illumination and clarity. This lighting system is also adjustable, so you can customize your illumination to provide evenly distributed soft light, reducing distortion and eye strain. Reading fine prints becomes effortless, and you can delve into the fine details of your crafts or jewelry with ease.

Unlock the true potential of your magnification experience with this Hands-Free Magnifier’s adjustable advanced lighting system. Three ultra bright COB LED lights, with two adjustable brightness settings, produce a bright and clear view of your subject matter. No more squinting or straining your eyes! Moreover, diffusive cover lenses ensure an even distribution of light, greatly reducing the amount of pesky LED hot spots that can be both distracting and uncomfortable. This diffused light increases clarity while also helping to reduce distortion and eye strain, so you can enjoy your craft in comfort without compromising precision.

We understand that having a power efficient product matters. Our Lumé Series lighted magnifier shines brilliantly while being an energy saving device. The COB LEDs is not only brighter than traditional LEDs but also consume less power. This means that you can enjoy extended usage without constantly hunting for replacement batteries. Powered by just 2 AAA batteries (not included), this lighted magnifier is designed for longevity, ensuring you always have a reliable source of light at your fingertips.

The Lumé Series hands-free lighted magnifier is not just about functionality; it’s also about comfort and convenience. Ergonomically crafted with a neck strap and a rubberized grip allowing comfortability for extended periods of use without strain, ensuring that you can work or read with ease. The multi-position switch with 2 brightness settings ensures that you can adapt the illumination to suit your specific needs and lighting conditions. Plus, with the bonus of an extra spot lens, these ergonomic hands-free magnifiers are versatile tools that excel at targeting and magnifying the finest details. Lightweight and easy to handle, they make the perfect companion for crafting tasks. The built-in COB LED light further enhances your visibility, making intricate tasks a breeze.

Are you an avid reader, constantly exploring the world through the pages of books, newspapers, or magazines? The Lumé Series magnifier is your ideal reading aid, providing a hands-free magnifying glass for reading, ensuring clear vision even in low-light environments. Perhaps you’re a passionate hobbyist in the world of arts and crafts, dedicated to exploring new skills. This versatile lighted hands-free magnifier is the perfect hobby magnifying glass, enhancing your craft and project precision. For those with low vision, the Lumé Series magnifier serves as a dependable low vision aide, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any details in your daily life. The multifunctional design makes these magnifiers a must-have tool for anyone seeking high-quality magnification and illumination, whether it’s for reading, pursuing arts and crafts, or fulfilling your hobby needs.

The Lumé Series LED lighted magnifier isn’t just a tool; they’re your companions in the journey of creation and discovery. Whether you’re reading in dimly lit environments, working on intricate crafts, or simply need to magnify small details, they are here to make your life brighter and clearer. These illuminated magnifiers are perfect for any task that demands precision, clarity, and comfort.

Elevate your viewing experience and make every detail count.

Model NameLumé Series
Model NumberAS-70
Battery Type AAA not included
Weight0.37 lbs
Dimensions5.7 in x 1.0 in x 9.3 in
User ManualAS-95-Guide_EN.pdf
Case Quantity48
Case Dimensions18.5 in x 11.9 in x 20.9 in
Case Weight26.1 lbs
Inner Quantity4
Inner Dimensions6.8 in x 5.2 in x 11.3 in
Item Box Dimensions6.7 in x 1.3 in x 11.2 in
20' Container Capacity19465
40' Container Capacity39956
40' High Cube Capacity44606


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