LumiVisor™ 2x/3x/5x/6x Magnification LED Lit Head Visor Magnifier


LumiVisor™ 2x/3x/5x/6x Magnification LED Lit Head Visor Magnifier


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  • Customizable Magnification – Head worn visor magnifier with 2x/3x/5x/6x power magnifications achieved by the multiple combinations of built-in lenses.
  • Long Term Comfort – The LumiVisor is designed to be comfortably worn hands-free for extended periods without strain. This head visor may also be worn with eyeglasses
  • Multiple Bright LED Lights – Fully adjustable hands-free magnifier with 3 bright LED bulbs to fully illuminate your view with LED light and provide clear vision.
  • Adjustable Fit & Quick-Release – Head magnifier features a fully adjustable head strap can be locked into place with the quick-release buckle.
  • Wide Range of Applications – Perfect magnifying visor for hobbies, crafts, model building, reading, inspection, soldering, jewelry making and other tasks requiring hands free lighting.


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The Carson LumiVisor™ LED Lit Head Visor Magnifier offers a winning combination of functionality, comfort, and convenience. Unlike traditional magnifying glasses that can strain your eyes and neck, the Carson LumiVisor offers adjustable hands-free lighting and magnification. Whether you’re a hobbyist, artisan, or professional, this versatile tool is sure to enhance your vision and productivity.

The LumiVisor comes equipped with a fully adjustable one-size-fits-all head strap, allowing for comfortable long-term use, with or without eyeglasses. The bright LED lighting, adjustable headband, and lightweight design are sure to provide enhanced visibility and accuracy with a secure, comfortable fit.

One of the standout features of the Carson LumiVisor Head Magnifier is its built-in LED lighting with adjustable positioning. These LED lights provide optimal visibility in low-light conditions and can be easily repositioned, allowing you to work with precision and accuracy. By magnifying objects with clarity and precision, this head visor enables you to see details that might otherwise be difficult to discern. Whether you’re working on intricate crafts or examining small text, the Carson LumiVisor provides enhanced vision to improve your accuracy and efficiency.

From hobbies such as model-building and jewelry-making to professional tasks like circuitry work and watch repair, this head magnifier adapts to a wide range of applications. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for hobbyists, artisans, and professionals alike. Whether you’re working on detailed crafts or reading fine print, this head magnifier offers multiple magnification levels to cater to your specific requirements. With options ranging from 2x to 6x magnification, you can easily switch between levels depending on the task at hand. The LumiVisor™ Head Visor Magnifier is versatile tool and ideal low vision aid for all crafts, repairs, maintenance, reading and other hobbies!

Model NameLumiVisor™
Model NumberLV-10
Battery Type
Magnification2x, 3x, 5x, 6x
Weight0.41 lbs
Dimensions7.6 in x 3.2 in x 10.4 in
User ManualLV-10-Guide_EN.pdf
Case Quantity20
Case Dimensions22.5 in x 17.4 in x 19.6 in
Case Weight23.9 lbs
Inner Quantity1
Item Box Dimensions8.2 in x 3.6 in x 10.5 in
20' Container Capacity4863
40' Container Capacity9983
40' High Cube Capacity11144

2 reviews for LumiVisor™ 2x/3x/5x/6x Magnification LED Lit Head Visor Magnifier

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Joseph C. (verified owner)

    We love these Head Visor Magnifiers, they do exactly what we need them to do.

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    Robert Hatcher (verified owner)

    I use it to clean my tiny hearing aids. Wife uses it for art work. Easy to use. Light really helps.

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