Stara 35-70x80mm Refractor Telescope, High Quality Plossl Eyepieces


Stara 35-70x80mm Refractor Telescope, High Quality Plossl Eyepieces


  • User-Friendly / Easy Setup – Spend more time stargazing and less time assembling. A perfect blend of high-quality optics and user-friendly design, this high power telescope can be set up in just a few minutes, compared to other similar telescopes that may take hours!
  • High Power Telescope – This Stara Series Telescope features an adaptable total magnification range of 35x to 70x with a variety of customizable A 6×25 erecting finderscope, steel tripod, and two interchangeable eyepieces, provide enhanced precision and stability for unparalleled accuracy when exploring distant galaxies, planets, or nebulae.
  • High Quality Optics – The refractor optical design and 80mm aperture paired with a 700mm focal length and an f/8.75 focal ratio, provide superior image quality, offering crisp and high-contrast views of celestial objects.
  • Plossl Telescope Eyepieces – Two Plossl eyepieces provide a magnification range to suit detailed observations of various celestial objects. A 35x PL20mm provides a broad view while the 70x PL10mm bring the details of distant stars and planets into sharp focus.
  • Accessories and Convenience – This highly adaptable telescope includes a 6×25 erecting finderscope, erecting lens, alt-az mount steel tripod, accessory tray, and two telescope eyepieces at various focal lengths (PL20mm 35x & PL10mm 70x),  for a wide range of observations in various viewing conditions.


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The Stara Series Refractor Telescope (SR-200) is a perfect blend of high-quality optics and user-friendly design—making it a good telescope for beginners and professionals alike. This easy-to-use telescope is perfect for learning how to set up a telescope or how to use a telescope for stargazing or terrestrial viewing. Experience astronomy like never before with an incredibly easy assembly, especially compared to similar telescopes.

The Stara Series Telescope (SR-200) features a total magnification range of 35x to 70x, providing unparalleled clarity and precision when exploring distant galaxies, planets, or nebulae. The refractor optical design of this telescope offers superior image quality, and crisp, high-contrast views of our universe. A 700mm focal length and f/8.75 focal ratio immerse observers in a mesmerizing cosmic journey, capturing the beauty of celestial bodies with breathtaking detail. With an 80mm aperture, a testament to precision engineering, this telescope provides optimal light gathering for high clarity optics, delivering vivid and sharp images that captivate the imagination.

Equipped with a sturdy Alt-Az mount and a robust steel tripod, The Stara Refractor Telescope (SR-200) provides stability for optimal viewing conditions and accuracy. A 6×25 erecting finderscope provides precision targeting, making it easier to locate and center specific stars, planets, or other astronomical wonders. While the erecting prism correctly orients the telescope image for terrestrial viewing or more comfortable stargazing. Explore the cosmos with confidence, as this telescope strikes the perfect balance between being a powerful instrument for professional astronomy and an accessible telescope for beginners.

The Stara Series Telescope (SR-200) also includes two Plossl eyepieces at varying  focal lengths, allowing for a wide range of terrestrial and astronomical observations at various magnification levels. A PL20mm (35x), and PL10mm (70x) eyepiece are both included with the Stara SR-200. The PL20mm offers a magnification of 35x, providing a broad view of the night sky. Switch to the PL10mm for a powerful 70x magnification, bringing distant stars and planets into sharp focus. The precision and clarity achieved with Plossl eyepieces make every observation a captivating experience.

Model NameStara
Model NumberSR-200
Weight8.73 lbs
Dimensions40.0 in x 37.5 in x 52.8 in
AccessoriesFinderscope, two Plossl Eyepieces, Erecting Prism, Steel Tripod and Accessory Tray
User ManualSR-200-Guide-EN.pdf
Case Quantity1
Case Dimensions35.3 in x 6.3 in x 11.4 in
Case Weight13.2 lbs
Inner Quantity1
Item Box Dimensions34.2 in x 5.5 in x 10.6 in
20' Container Capacity736
40' Container Capacity1511
40' High Cube Capacity1687