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La loupe BugView, modèle HU-10, de la société Carson Optical est un outil très pratique pour effectuer l’examen approfondi des coléoptères et de divers insectes. Vous pouvez tout simplement opérer ce dispositif à une seule main. À l’aide du piège à insectes opéré par le pouce, vous pouvez facilement attraper même les insectes les plus vites de manière assez sûre sans les blesser. Dessous de la loupe en verre acrylique de clarté supérieure, vous pouvez maintenant faire l’examen détaillé de l’insecte attrapé en utilisant la lumière ambiante et le grossissement de 5x. Cette loupe offre à tous les petits et grands explorateurs la possibilité et les moyens pour examiner les insectes dans leurs plus petits détails. Tout simplement, attrapez l’insecte désiré au piège, effectuez l’examen approfondi et libérez-le ensuite sans aucune blessure.


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UGS : HU-10 Catégorie : Étiquettes : , , , , , , ,
GTIN :750668-00512-0
MPN: HU-10
Marque :Carson
Nom du modèleBugView
Numéro de modèleHU-10
Poids0.25 lbs
Dimensions2.2 in x 1.6 in x 10.5 in
User ManualHU-10-Guide_FR.pdf
Quantité par caisse24
Dimensions du boîtier22.8 in x 13.6 in x 13.6 in
Poids du boîtier13.6 lbs
Quantité intérieure6
Dimensions intérieures12.8 in x 11.5 in x 6.4 in
Dimensions de la boîte d'article4.1 in x 4.0 in x 10.8 in
Conteneur de 20 '10619
Conteneur de 40 '21797
40` High Cube24334

23 avis pour BugView

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    Jane Garvey (client confirmé)

    These are awesome. We’ll have fun with them in our PreK classes!

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    Susan (client confirmé)

    This will be lots of fun!

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    Galen Kidder (client confirmé)

    My husband loves to save the bugs we find inside. He’s a big kid really and he is loving his new bug saver/viewer!

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    Linda K. (client confirmé)

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    Susan (client confirmé)

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    Jennifer Parrish-Hill (client confirmé)

    I love this device so much I have ordered three so far and recommend them to anyone who wants to kindly transport bugs back outside.

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    Kathryn (client confirmé)

    I initially left a negative review of the bug viewer (plastic slider left too much space to properly capture the bugs), however after light tinkering the slider is back in place and device now works great.

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    Anonymous (client confirmé)

    This is an inexpensive and effective tool for removing bugs safely and placing outside where they belong.

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    Kay (client confirmé)

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    dixon (client confirmé)

    I’m never gonna catch a mosquito with this thing

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      Allison Treulich (store manager)

      Thank you for purchasing the BugView. This product is meant to assist in catching bugs that crawl on grass, floors or walls. Due to the nature of the design, it does not work on flying insects. With the slider open, place the magnifier over the critter then slide it closed. You can then release it back into nature.

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    Anonymous (client confirmé)

    We’ve always “caught and released” insects and birds that got into our home near the woods. It is so much easier with this tool. And the advantage of looking at the patterns on beetles and/or bees is so worth the small price. It’s like having a mini-microscope or a science kit. I bought one for my granddaughter’s pre-school. Her teacher loved it! Perfect, end of school year gift.

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    Anonymous (client confirmé)

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    Christine (client confirmé)

    I bought this after reading about it in the New York Times. I haven’t caught any bugs yet, but I’m glad I’m ready.

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    Joshua G. (client confirmé)

    This product is brilliant, awesome and a great value. I’d recommend to everyone anywhere there are unwanted insects.

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    Carol (client confirmé)

    Quick delivery on a fabulous new toy for me, but have not yet had an opportunity to use it. Very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead!

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    Jean Slater (client confirmé)

    I purchased two of these BugViews as gifts for two granddaughters, ages 12 and 13. What a perfect gift to encourage outdoor scientists. I read the article in the New York Times Sunday magazine speaking about this item and ordered it right away. I am very pleased. Thank you.

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    daniel nicolay (client confirmé)

    All great! Fast, easy
    , and as described.

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    Anonymous (client confirmé)

    Great for my grand daughters, ages 6 and 9.

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    Bruce (client confirmé)

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    Beverly B. (client confirmé)

    This product is great for turning insect fear to curiosity. Safely viewing your catch, then safely releasing them outside helps everyone learn to care about the world around them.

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    Anne (client confirmé)

    It’s a fun gadget!

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    Cheryl (client confirmé)

    A gift to my four-year-old nephew – he loves it – takes it everywhere with him, even to the bathtub!

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    Ken Levy (client confirmé)

    I have caught and released hundreds, possibly thousands, of bugs, big and small, with your Bug Catching Tool. Easy to use – and so much more humane than just killing them. Compassion over cruelty. Respect for ALL life.

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