Our Timeline

View Carson Optical’s history. Read through our timeline and see the steps Carson has taken to become an industry leading optics company. This timeline exemplifies how from humble beginnings Carson has gained media attention through featured articles and catalog listings, and how Carson has seized opportunities to expand whether that be upgrading and adding to our physical locations or expansion into more markets all over the globe.


Founder in the 90s

President, Rich Cameron starts the company representing Japanese Optical supplier Copitar Japan.

The first office was located in his mother’s Long Island basement.


New York Times logo

First NY Times Feature

Featured in the NY Times, with an article titled “For a Boat or the Ball Game, Flexible Binoculars” written by Barbara Lloyd. Article discusses how the company imports, and the versatility of the Zoom Binocular – The Look.


Popular Science logo

Popular Science Feature, Electronic Zoom Binocular

Company is featured in Popular Science Magazine, showcasing the significance of the electronic binocular. The article explains the benefit of choosing electronic binoculars over classic binoculars. Company begins gaining popularity in the Optical industry.


map centerted on Greenlawn, Long Island NY

Moved to Greenlawn, NY

Richard Cameron moves store out of home office and into first official storefront in Greenlawn, NY.


Sharper Image logo

First large catalog placement, Sharper Image

The company’s first large catalog placement in the Sharper Image Catalog. The Magazine features of the Look binoculars, listed under binoculars and sporting gifts. The catalog highlights the product’s zoom power and key features such as its Bak-4 prisms meant to reduce distortion and enhance brightness.


map centered on Huntington Station, Long Island NY

Moved to Huntington Station

As business expands, Richard Cameron moves storefront to Huntington Station, NY into a 10,000 square foot warehouse.


Closeup image of woman holding binoculars

The company begins to import binoculars under its own brand name, Carson Optical

In this prominent year, the company begins importing binoculars under its own brand name, Carson Optical. This is a historical example of Richard Cameron’s dedication to the brand in an ever-expanding competitive optical market.


Drawing of a loupe

First Patent Grant

Carson Optical receives its first patent – for a loupe magnifier.


map centered on Hauppauge, Long Island NY

Moved Office to Hauppauge NY

Company moves from Huntington Station to Hauppauge NY, expanding into a 25,000 square foot warehouse. This third physical move is a great representation of the ever-increasing business.


man looking at sewing machine under magnifier

First In-house Engineer Hired

Carson hires its first in-house engineer to help with its optical designs.


Carson's Ronkonkoma Office

Moved to Ronkonkoma NY

Carson relocates to a 51,000 square foot building in Ronkonkoma, NY, doubling in size.


Carson UK logo

Opened United Kingdom Warehouse

Carson Optical opens Warehouse in the United Kingdom, its first overseas move. This expansion pushes the company in the direction of becoming a global industry leader in the world of optics.


Generic Patent

100th Patent

Carson receives a grant for its 100th patent. This milestone solidifies the company’s wide range of products including binoculars, magnifiers, telescopes and microscopes, and represents the company’s continued growth.


Carson Netherlands logo

Netherlands Warehouse

Carson Optical opens a warehouse in Netherlands, further expanding business in the European market.


Carson Honk Kong logo

Warehouse in Hong Kong

Carson taps into markets in Asia by opening an office in Hong Kong.


The founder and four employees standing in a warehouse

Carson Celebrates 30 Years!

Carson Optical celebrates 30 years in the optical industry. With many milestones hit, and increased market share in regions all over the globe, this is still just the beginning for this company.


Hands using a laptop below a map demonstrating a global network

Carson now has sales offices in North America, South America, Europe & Asia

Now a strong leader in the global market, Carson has become an industry leader with sales offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.