Carson Optical is excited to offer downloadable software for our digital microscopes. Our proprietary digital microscope software is optimized to bring you the best of our optics combined with the best of our software technology. We have a team of developers who are constantly working to develop new features and improve user experience, so users can get the most out of their Carson microscopes. Download our software today and see how easy it is to use our digital microscopes.

Digital Microscope Software

Microscope software can be downloaded below according to your operating system. For additional help, view our troubleshooting guide (PDF)


Windows 11/10 Download Software / Driver

Windows 8 & Older Download Software / Driver


macOS 12+ Download Software / Driver

*Note for macOS 12+ Versions

The shutter button (located on top of microscope) for capturing quick photos may not work because of Apple updates. To take photos, use the capture button in the software.

macOS 11 or Older Download Software / Driver

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible tools to help you learn and explore the world around you. Whether you are a student, teacher, researcher, or casual hobbyist, we hope that our software will help you in your quest for knowledge. Thank you for choosing Carson Optical!

featured software microscope

Carson offers various software options. Software for our digital microscopes can be downloaded below for Windows or MAC operating systems. For our digiscoping products, we also have iOS apps available on the Apple App Store called CarsonCam. If you have any questions with the software above, please check out our Customer Support page for further details.