Category: Magnifiers



Carson is a leading manufacturer of magnifiers and magnifying glasses. Carson offers a wide range of magnification capabilities to suit your needs. Carson magnifiers are lightweight and portable, making them easy to take with you and convenient to use. Whether you need a magnifying glass inspect collectables, such as coins or jewelry, or a magnifier to simply help you see more clearly, Carson has the perfect product for you.

  • Handheld

    Ideal for reading fine print or in low light environments, hobbies, crafts, or everyday needs, these lightweight, compact magnifiers are easy to carry and hold, making them comfortable to use for extended periods of time wherever you go. Acrylic lenses provide increased magnification and clear, distortion-free images. These magnifiers come in a variety of styles, including traditional magnifying glasses and LED lighted magnifiers.

  • Portable

    Carson portable magnifier products offer a convenient way to investigate small details no matter where you are. Carson offers a wide range of variations to meet each specific need. LED Lighted magnifiers help provide clearer vision in low light conditions, attached precision tweezers allow for precise viewing of small objects, while keychains and built-in cases allow for increased portability and convenience. Whether you're at home or on the go, Carson’s Portable Magnifiers will help you get the job done.

  • Handsfree

    Carson’s Handsfree Magnifiers are great tools for any activity where you need bright, hands-free lighting. These handheld magnifiers are available in a wide variety of options, including desk magnifiers, head visor magnifiers, and clip on diopters. The products in this diverse category have one thing in common; they keep your hands free. Perfect for crafters, builders, mechanics, engineers, and anyone who needs to have both hands free for their work.

  • Loupes

    If you're looking for a versatile magnifier that can handle any task, Carson's Loupe Magnifiers are the perfect choice. Carson Loupe Magnifiers are the perfect tool for inspecting fine details or performing precise detailed tasks. Although small, the high  magnification of these Loupe Magnifiers allow you to see even the finest details of your subject. Whether you are inspecting jewelry, currency, and plants, or just trying to clearly see the fine print, Carson Loupe Magnifiers are the tool for you.

  • Sheet & Bar

    Whether you need to inspect fine details or simply want to make reading easier, Carson Sheet and Bar Magnifiers are an excellent choice. The sheet magnifiers and bar magnifiers are lightweight and can be held in place with one hand, making them ideal for reading books or other printed materials. Both magnifiers are designed to relieve eye strain and can be used by those with macular degeneration or other vision problems.

  • Pro Series

    The Carson Pro Series is a professional line of magnifiers, perfect for the serious crafter. The Pro Series provides fine detail and clarity when inspecting or measuring precise details. The LED Lit Loupe Magnifier and Magnifying Glass with built in LED flashlight are perfect for detailed work or measurements in low light conditions. The Magnifier Visor is great for hands-free use and provides clarity and magnification.