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Installation download for digital microscopes:

Where do I find this?

Please choose your digital microscope: model number, version number and operating system above, and the corresponding software download link will appear here.

For more information on the microscope models:

General Compatibility Info:

Previous microscope versions may not have support for the latest operating systems, only the latest microscope versions have ongoing support for the most recent and upcoming operating systems.

All existing digital microscope models do NOT work with tablets, phones or netbooks, even those with a USB port. A computer with a USB 2.0 port or higher and a full copy of the operating systems below are required for device compatibility.

General Troubleshooting:

WEBCAM DEFAULT: If your webcam is selected by default, instead of your microscope: Go to Settings (Gear Symbol on Top Left of Digital Viewer), then under Device Setup, Device: Select “USB 2.0 Camera” instead of webcam, and click “Apply.” See picture for more detail. If the “USB 2.0 Camera” is not an option, please restart your computer and check the list again.

USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED: Make sure microscope is plugged into a USB computer port directly, not through any type of USB hub or extender. For best results, try plugging into one of the rear USB ports, not the front ports of a computer. If device is not working in a specific USB port, try a different port and see if problem still occurs. Restart computer and see if device is recognized. The operating system should detect and automatically install the proper drivers. Wait until the operating system fully installs the driver automatically before starting the Digital Viewer software.

Note: The installation or proper usage may be blocked on work domains, via anti-virus software or other security settings. If so, you may have to remove these restrictions or setup an exception for proper installation and usage of the USB microscope.

For all other software support concerns, please see instruction manual or email us your issue:

Please click here for a copy of the End User Software Agreement (EULA)