MicroPic 120-240x High-Resolution Pocket Microscope (MP-400)


MicroPic 120-240x High-Resolution Pocket Microscope (MP-400)


·       Impressive Magnification – Unlock the world of microscopic wonders with this Carson LED Lit Pocket Microscope, equipped with a powerful 120x – 240x total magnification range. Whether you’re a science enthusiast, student, or professional, this portable tool empowers you to explore, learn, and share your discoveries like never before. Explore the hidden intricacies of plants, leaves, flowers, microorganisms, fabrics, hair, food, water, and countless other small details in the world around you.

·       Convenient Digiscoping – The advanced lighting system of this handheld microscope features 2 LED brightness settings for optimal illumination, ensuring you capture clear images. With a smartphone adapter clip included, the MP-400 is a great pocket microscope for a budding scientist interested in the world of digiscoping. Easily connect your smartphone to the microscope with the smartphone clip to capture your discoveries on your phone!

·       Explore Beyond Slides – Unlike traditional microscopes, Carson’s pocket microscopes offer high versatility, allowing you to view either everyday objects or prepared slides from anywhere! Design your own experiment by using the included blank slide and coverslip to create your own custom microscope slides with the biological specimen of your choosing, or simply remove the portable microscope’s base stand to examine objects directly.

·       Portable and Versatile – Carson’s LED Lit Pocket Microscopes are the best microscopes for those on the move. Its compact design, high magnification, and smartphone digiscoping capabilities, make it a must-have for field research or quick observations around the lab. Whether you’re a student or a professional scientist, this portable microscope offers exceptional quality and convenience, all from your pocket!


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Carson’s MicroPic LED Lighted Pocket Microscope is a versatile tool designed to help you explore all the details of the microscopic world. With its large total magnification range of 120x – 240x, digiscoping capabilities, adjustable lighting system, and compact design, this portable microscope offers unparalleled precision and convenience from your pocket!

Experience the brilliance of adjustable lighting, tailored to suit your specific needs. To provide optimal clarity during your observations, this Carson microscope is equipped with two LED brightness settings, allowing you to customize the illumination as needed. This feature is especially helpful when studying delicate specimens like bacteria.

One of the standout features of the MicroPic pocket microscope is its compatibility with smartphones, thanks to the included smartphone adapter clip. This digiscoping integration enables you to transform your smartphone into a high resolution digital microscope, allowing for the capture of HD images and videos of your discoveries. Document your observations, share them with colleagues, or simply marvel at the beauty of the miniature world. You can also choose to use the microscope with or without the smartphone adapter clip, giving you the freedom to select the mode that best suits your experiment.

Beyond traditional slides, this microscope also allows you to examine everyday objects with precision. The package includes a blank slide with a coverslip, enabling you to create your own microscopic slides with specimen of your choosing. Additionally, the MicroPic microscope features a convenient base stand for quick and easy slide viewing. Alternatively, you can remove the base stand and place objects directly against the bottom of the microscope for a unique and immersive experience.

The ability to remove the microscope’s base stand enables users to explore a multitude of common objects and specimens in intricate detail, without slides. This versatility makes the MicroPic ideal for both scientific research and recreational activities! Insects come to life in a new way when users closely examine ants, butterflies, and spiders. Magnification reveals the intricate world of their exoskeletons, eyes, and tiny appendages, offering invaluable insights into their biology. Botanists and nature enthusiasts employ Carson pocket microscopes to delve into the fine structures of water samples, leaves, flowers, plant cells, pollen grains, and other foliage, facilitating plant species identification and environmental research. Collectors may scrutinize the intricate details and authenticity of coins, stamps, jewelry, clothing, or art, thus enhancing their ability to assess the rarity and value of collectibles. Larger microorganisms like bacteria, algae, or molds, reveal their complexity under the lens, serving as a teaching tool for microbiology concepts and a platform for research. In educational settings, students and teachers can explore prepared slides, or prepare their own slides, of biological specimens, including blood cells, tissues, and microscopic organisms, providing an engaging hands-on learning experience.

Carson LED Lighted Pocket Microscopes are designed to be your on-the-go science companion, making it ideal for field research and spontaneous explorations. Its compact design ensures easy storage and transportation, and when combined with the smartphone adapter, it transforms into a powerful and versatile tool that fits right in your pocket.

For individuals seeking the best microscope for students and professionals alike, a Carson LED Lighted Pocket Microscope offers a solution. Carson Pocket Microscopes cater to kids, college students, biology enthusiasts, and professionals who understand the importance of quality equipment in their work or studies. These microscopes reflect Carson’s commitment to providing top-tier technology that’s built to last, ensuring that you always have access to the best tools for your scientific journey.

A Carson LED Lighted Pocket Microscope is your window into the microscopic universe. With exceptional magnification, adjustable illumination, smartphone integration, and affordability, it’s a valuable choice for kids, adults, students, and professionals alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness a world of discoveries with this versatile tool. Start your scientific exploration today with Carson’s MicroPic LED Lighted Microscope and prepare to be amazed by the tiny wonders that surround us!

Model NameMicroPic™
Model NumberMP-400
Battery Type1 AA not included
Field of View 11mm
Field of View 20.7mm
Includes Smartphone AdapterY
Weight0.13 lbs
Dimensions1.0 in x 1.7 in x 5.1 in
User ManualMP-400-Guide_EN.pdf
Case Quantity100
Case Dimensions22.0 in x 8.1 in x 24.0 in
Case Weight21.1 lbs
Inner Quantity4
Inner Dimensions4.7 in x 4.9 in x 7.7 in
Item Box Dimensions4.6 in x 1.2 in x 7.6 in
20' Container Capacity43627
40' Container Capacity89554
40' High Cube Capacity99976


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